Why BowBluebell ?

What’s in a name ?


Have you wondered how I picked my business name …..

I wanted my brand name to incorporate the two most important women that shaped my life, - My Mum, and her Mum – my Nan …. and came up with BowBluebell ….

Bow ~ This is in memory of my my Nan Billie Holmes who was born within earshot of the bells of St. Mary-Le-Bow in London, she worked as a dressmaker for Sir Norman Hartnell who at the time was a leading British fashion designer for the ladies of the Royal Family. After leaving London, she ventured to Manchester to fit out the costumes in Tussauds before coming to Essex and dressmaking for local ladies. She was very talented & created some beautiful outfits, I was truly spoilt !

Bluebell ~ In memory of my Mum who taught me to truly grateful of life.... Bluebells were Mum’s favourite flower so it was perfect to include !

So without further ado BowBluebell was formed , although it’s a bit of a tongue twister spelling it out over the phone can be a bit of a nightmare ... but  at least the name is up the top when doing an alphabetical search to !

Happy Sewing to you all, and make sure you have Fun along the way

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