2018 and it's Go Go Go

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I am buzzing …..

I feel 2018 is the year for me to finally pull up my socks and start working  towards putting my little business on the map and I’m surprised to say I am gradually ticking things off my list.
Here’s what I’ve been up to, and maybe they are some things that may help you in your journey into the business :-
+ I’ve deleted my facebook group Bowbluebell, I created it bout 4 years ago (yes thats how long I have been debating selling my designs! ) I never seemed to have the time to promote myself as too busy chasing my tale with my ebay shop. So lately I started been pumping it with posts, which should of attracted some visitors and members - Nadaah … absolutely nothing, I guess the Facebook algorithm would never put my group on anyone’s timeline … So it’s GONE !
+ I renamed my active Facebook page to be more orientated towards machine embroidery and announced I won’t be taking on any more customers for physical embroideries. You can find my renamed page here, I always appreciate a LIKE

My Facebook Page - BowBluebell Machine Embroidery 

+ I made decision to scale down the fabric retail side of my business, unfortunately, you need to have a large variety of fabric and constant sales on internet sites like Ebay and Etsy so that your listings are in the top page of search results, and I realistically am never going to achieve that !

My Ebay Shop

+ I have linked my Instagram account to my Facebook page , Twitter and Tumblr, years ago I created accounts on all sorts of media sites – not with anything in mind, but just in case – I am pleased I did. Not actually sure how social media sites work but hey ho I have a presence !

@BowBluebell on  Instagram

 And last but not least ...  I originally designed my own logo but I’ve never been happy with the quality and being no expert in photdraw so I’ve had that revamped I found Lucy on a Facebook group - she was offering her Logo design service to another member - I immediately liked her attitude and although her page didn't have the largest number of LIKE's she comes across as professional and likeable , so without further ado I got in touch , from start to finish Lucy was exactly what i expected, she was helpful, making changes I wanted and delivered quickly at a price in my budget I would recommend Lucy 100% you can find her on Facebook ‘Art and Illustration by Lucy Gilbert


Happy Stitching, Have Fun & be Safe


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